Made for a smile as true as you

Made for a smile
as true as you.




Colgate Neo Toothbrush - A Smile Made Only For You.


The Colgate® Neo Toothbrush is a medium bristle adult toothbrush. 

The toothbrush has high density bristles (a staggering 2548 brustles) which cleans the tooth enamel from plaque and stains.

It is available in 6 stunning colour combinations to suit different personalities. Click the tiles below to find out which Neo toothbrush fits your personality!

The Trendsetter

A smile as cool as you

The Revolutionary

A smile as bold as you

The Trailblazer

A smile as free as you

The Groundbreaker

A smile as edgy as you

The Changemaker

A smile as different as you

The Visionary

A smile as futuristic as you
Cavity Prevention


Plaque prevention


Gum health

Gum Health

Enamel protection


Tartar control

Tartar Control

Polishes away surface stains

Polishes Away
Surface Stains